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Chris Bolanos

 I started working in post-production at a digital studio in 2018. For 4 years, I edited for 5 reality shows that aired on YouTube. Now, I’m looking to move on to post-production work in television/films.

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Mathew Campos

Mathew Campos is a student at California State University, Los Angeles. He will be receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in Television, Film, and Media Studies in May 2022. His career goal is to become a picture editor for film and television. Mathew looks forward to mastering the technical side of editing and expanding his network.

Ricole Carillo

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and a UCLA graduate. Ricole has committed herself to capturing Black experiences and their stories. She hopes to one day become a film/television director/editor highlighting those experiences on the big screen. Her ultimate goal is to have a community based production company that will bridge the gap between the film industry and young creators who might not have the opportunity to create.


Eldrick Greenaway

From an early age, Eldrick Greenaway has has a strong passion for editing. He worked on a wide variety of content - both long-form and short-form - using software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve. His love for post-production is boundless as he continues to achieve every goal he has in mind.

Tyler Hayes

T. Hayes is a multi-award-winning filmmaker from Houston, Texarkana, and Flower Mound, TX. Hayes is known for his twisted stories, amoral characters, and eccentric sense of humor. Hayes finally began his filmmaking journey during his sophomore year at Prairie View A&M University. He has stated publicly on multiple occasions that he wants to shock the world with his stories because he loves to be shocked. In 2021, T. Hayes founded Shock Jockey Films from his love of the provocative and the creative minds behind them.


Hannah Jain

Hannah Jain is an Assistant Editor who will be graduating in June of 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television, Post-Production from UCLA. She has been honing her craft by working on scripted shorts and features, utilizing her attention to detail and great passion for storytelling in her work.

Danielle Kim

Danielle Kim graduated with a film degree from the University of Michigan, where she learned how to edit videos for her classes, church, and student organizations. She got her foot in the door as a scripted TV Post PA for Legendary TV and Amazon Studios and hopes to work her way up to be an Assistant Editor then Editor for scripted Asian-American films and TV shows in the near future.

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Beni Kimuene

Born and raised in Saint Louis, youngest of three to a family of immigrants. I like learning other people's stories so getting into this industry made sense for me. Getting the work done while having some fun is my motto.

Stefano Lee

Aware of the beauty of editing from a young age, I stayed motivated to improve my craft as an editor. I am excited to broaden my knowledge as an Assistant Editor and fulfill my duties within the industry.


Anthony Martinez

Aspiring video editor. Some of my favorite shows are Euphoria, Looking and Broad City. I love how all the little details and aesthetic choices enhance storytelling in television and film.

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez is an enterprising Hispanic-American Filmmaker from California. Personally aspiring to tell Hispanic-centered stories through the weave of American identity, David seeks to utilize the knowledge gained in production and post-production to further Hispanic American inclusivity in the film industry.

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Oscar Salazar

Hello, my name is Oscar Salazar. I am from Los Angeles, California. I really enjoy watching films and I love the editing aspect of filmmaking. I have experience with Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro. I am currently a film student and would love to continue my education and grow my editing skillset.

Briana Shields

My name is Briana and I've been editing in NY in the commercial world and looking to transition into scripted and unscripted. When I'm not editing I love hiking, traveling and volunteering with different animal rescues locally and globally.

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Jalen Simmons

My name is Jalen Simmons and I am an Atlanta based creator. I am looking forward to growing my skills through this program.

Heera Singh

I am a film editor and assistant editor with a penchant for detail and project management, as well as a dynamic approach to storytelling. My range of previous professional experience—as a community organizer, educator, performer, film & theater producer/director and artist manager— along with my ‘de-territorialized’ identity as an Indian New Yorker, enable me to stay calm in intense situations, imagine creative solutions and focus on the quality outcomes.

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