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Chelsye Abrams

Hi! My name is Chelyse Abrams, and I'm currently a Post PA on a feature film. I recently moved to California from Georgia. My current goal is to start earning my AE days to be placed on the union roster.

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Jose Melendez Avila

I love to watch to watch films and television shows. So much so that I majored in Television, Film and Media studies in CSULA. I look forward to learn the process of working as an AE, and hopefully work in the industry as an AE.

Darius Burt

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca and a fan of sports, music and social gatherings. Tv and film and lover who loves to debate about strictly topics.


Esmeralda Fernandez

My end goal is to become an Editor in a Feature, TV, or anything I can really be creative in. I love to be around my cats at home and watch movies in theaters on my days off with friends & family. I would love to connect with fellow artists that are passionate about what they do and I want to help others along the way.

Danya Grando

I’m a 98% Colorado native that has been working in post production and broadcast journalism since 2015. In my free time I love memorizing jokes to tell my friends and restoring vintage photographs.


Clarissa Heart

Clarissa Heart (they/them) is an aspiring film & TV editor from Honolulu, HI and graduate of Oberlin College, which is where they first discovered their love for the cut. They're so excited to be living in LA and working in post, and are incredibly grateful to the Handy Foundation for the opportunity, and to the many editors who've spent time and energy answering All The Questions.

Joshua Joaquin

Hi my name is Joshua Joaquin, I am an aspiring filmmaker from Los Angeles California. I have been working in the motorsports industry as a multimedia creator for 5 years now. I also freelance often and love creating my own films that give me feeling. I hope to become a lead editor for a scripted movie or television show one day.


Ian Nixon

Ian Nixon is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, and has always been drawn to the art of storytelling. This profound interest led him to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Entertainment & Media Studies from the University of Georgia. Ian is passionate about editing and eager to learn more about post-production.

Attiyya Settle

Attiyya Settle is a director and editor who earned a BFA in Film and Television with honors from NYU Tisch School of the Arts in 2018. She has worked as a Post Production Assistant on several productions including Netflix’s Pale Blue Eye (2022). Throughout all phases of production, Settle amplifies and empowers marginalized voices, both in front of and behind the camera. Through her work, she poses questions about race, identity, society, and culture. Settle aims to spark discussion and action by employing historical truths to inform the creation of her fictional worlds. She is a member of Black Film Space, Women in Film, and the Post New York Alliance.


Cameryn Snowden

I'm Cameryn an enthusiastic and out-going person with a lot of potential. I’m an experienced production assistant with a bachelor's degree in Television, Film and New Media Studies and I have some experience in post-production editing.

Justin Wellington

Justin is an assistant editor, and aspiring editor in LA. Starting with backyard movies in middle school, he's always enjoyed editing - and since then he's gained experience working on short films, dance videos, and theatrical trailers/promos. He's currently looking to hone his skills as an assistant editor in television, and work towards getting into scripted features and television as a dependable AE.


Geneil Young

Hey my name is Geneil Young. I am originally from Trinidad and Tobago. I have lived in the United States for ten years now. I have a history of working production but I am eager and excited to transition into Post. I hope to one day become a feature film Editor

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