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FALL 2023


Carolyn Berrios

Puerto Rican native, Carolyn Berríos was drawn to spending as much time as possible perfecting her craft in editing. She’s worked on projects ranging from promotion videos to short narratives as lead editor. Her latest work was on CW’s Gotham Knights as an Assistant Dailies.

Heidi Choi

Heidi J. Choi is a recent MFA graduate from the University of Georgia with a concentration in producing. Through her undergraduate and graduate years, she worked on numerous projects as a producer, 1st AD, post-supervisor, and editor. Her wide range of experiences rendered her a favored asset in all stages of production.

Heidi Choi_edited_edited.jpg

Julia Yepes

Julia M. Quiceno is a filmmaker from Colombia living in Los Angeles, who specializes primarily in editing and assistant editing. She also works as an illustrator and storyboard artist. Julia decided to move to the US to pursue a career in animation right after high school. She obtained her BFA in Animation and Digital Arts, as well as her MFA in Film and TV Production, from the University of Southern California.

Noah Gutteriez

I am a dedicated Film and TV Production graduate from California State Dominguez Hills with a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling. While earning my bachelor's degree, I honed my skills as a digital content intern at PBS KCET, where I quickly progressed to becoming a post-production assistant upon graduating. With a strong foundation in editing and a creative mindset, I am driven by my love for film and a deep commitment to bringing narratives to life.


Rohin Verma

Originating from over 3,000 miles away in NJ, Rohin moved to LA in 2022 to work at Marvel Studios. He has also established a track record of his incredible work ethic at studios like ITV and Netflix over the last two years.

Sandra Castro

Born and raised in South-Central LA! My greatest joys in life are my friends/family, movies/TV, food, beer and exploring. I constantly hang out with my people, made my way to the entertainment industry, worked in food services for over a decade of my life, make beer at home, and have traveled to various parts of the world. Out of all these things I can improve on, it's my goal to make a sustainable career in the entertainment industry and it's the editorial department that calls my name.


Sonia Molina

I studied Accounting in college and worked in some accounting departments, but knew I wanted to pursue a career in post further since I’ve always enjoyed editing. This led me to join the Made in NY Post Production Training program where I gained so many valuable skills and connections. This helped me land my first job in the industry on The Gilded Age for two seasons as both a Post PA and an ERA. I’ve learned so much through these experiences and am now looking for other opportunities like this program that can help me continue to grow further in post.

Stefanie Nicolet Minro

Hello I am an aspiring writer, director, actor and editor . Growing up I was always told “ you can be anything you want to be” and my personality reflects that with true grit and perseverance I tackle any role.


Sumedha Gupta

Sumedha is a filmmaker who has worked as an editor for the past six years. She has worked for large companies such as BuzzFeed and has had her work aired on YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Born in New Delhi, India, Sumedha has lived in eight cities in her life and currently resides in Los Angeles.

Tiffani DuPree

Tiffani DuPree is a Detroit native and currently resides in Los Angeles. As a detail-oriented video editor, she came into this profession as a journalist and realized she had a true passion for visual storytelling. She is a TV and movie buff. She also enjoys Pilates and Tae Kwon Do.

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