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Alexandra Mann

Alexandra was born and raised in Hong Kong, has lived and worked in Brooklyn NYC for the past 4 years and completed her BA of Psychology and Master of Business Management from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada in 2019. Alexandra served as an event/production/project Coordinator at VICE Media Group, Program Manager, Events at Twitter and Sr. Program Manager, Events at Palo Alto Networks. After searching for her birthmother in 2021, Alexandra realized her north star was to support the creation of and amplify adoptee-centered adoption narratives due to a deep lacking of them. Alexandra is planning the first Adoptee Film Festival in November 2019.

Brooke Nicholas

I'm a highly organized and efficient Production Coordinator with entry/mid-level experience in managing production logistics and on-set activities. My skills include scheduling, budgeting, location scouting, and vendor management, and I'm known for my strong communication and interpersonal skills. I'm able to liaise effectively with producers, directors, talent, and crew, and I'm renowned for remaining calm under pressure and quickly troubleshooting any issues that arise on set.


Ciara Ray

Ciara Ray is an aspiring producer and writer for TV and film. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in TV, Film, and Media Studies from Cal State LA in 2022 and since has accumulated experience in production for scripted and unscripted content. When Ciara has spare time, she spends time with her family and friends, travels, studies, listens to music, journals, and uses creativity to foster community and make an impact around her.

Janaye Coleman

Janaye Coleman 29 yrs old, creative on the run carving out her path as an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry.


Ryan Thompson

An Assistant Editor and Film Producing graduate eager to work in unscripted and multi camera productions. I hope to someday produce, direct, and edit comedy and variety specials.

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