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Ingmar Nolasco Prinz

My name is Ingmar and I love music. Nothing electrifies me more than brining stories to life through music and I am always looking for creative minds to connect with.

Jasmine Alvarez

My name is Jaz, and I'm a 33-year-old creative constantly seeking new ways to express myself. Currently, my main focus is podcasting and audio dramas. Through podcasting, I hope to connect with and inspire others who share my passion for storytelling.


Josue Murillo

Hello ! My name is josue and I’m a student nearing the end of my bachelors program at the Los Angeles film school and I have a passion for post production for TV/FIlm and Ik mmm interested in AAA games as well. My main focus is sound design/editing but I do love working on implementation for AAA games.

Miles Morrow

Young Professional with experience in client service and project management. Enthusiasm for collaborative and independent processes. Ability to manage requirements and deliver engaging and consistent services.

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Natalie Zelaya.jpeg

Natalie Zekaya

Experienced Technician with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry. Skilled in Camera tech work, Non-linear Editing, Audio Post Production, and administrative production work. Strong technology professional with a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Film, TV, Media Studies from California State University-Los Angeles.

Nicholas Chang

In high school, I produced my first instrumental on GarageBand. 7 years later, I now know how to use state of the art audio equipment and advanced digital audio workstations such as Logic Pro and Pro Tools. I graduated from Biola University with a film degree, and after taking multiple courses on post-production, I believe that I am ready to pursue my career for the entertainment industry. My dream is to always be a music producer for big label artists and also a sound editor/designer for motion pictures.

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