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Ace Wang

Ace is a Los Angeles-based media professional currently attending the American Film Institute's Editing Program and graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Arts and Sciences. She has extensive experience with drama, comedy, and thrillers, and is passionate about storytelling that engages audiences.

Christian Breaux

Hello, my name is Christian Breaux. I have a passion curiosity for technology and story telling. I believe these the process of editing is a great way to grow and explore these interests. I'm a quick study, attentive and focused. I've worked in Post management for ~4 years in the TV space. I'm looking to grow and evolve as an Assistant Editor not only in TV, but Film and even unscripted I'm eager to learn more and about the differing workflows to what I'm familiar with to evolve professionally.


Landon Bost

Landon T. Bost is an award-winning filmmaker and photojournalist from Harrisburg, NC. Bost graduated from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Hussman School of Journalism and Media in 2021 and began his professional career as a newspaper photojournalist. However, the film he made during his senior year, "Black Saviors," gained notoriety on the film festival tour with selections into five festivals – winning three awards. Bost transitioned to post-production in the fall of 2022 and now edits various projects, including Post in Black.

Mariana Franco

A graduate from Emerson College, Mariana has recently relocated to Los Angeles and is currently a Post Production Assistant at Smuggler Entertainment. As an aspiring editor, Mariana hopes to one day be a lead editor in scripted content.


Martin Echavarria

I'm Martin Echavarria, a gay Latinx aspiring editor from El Centro, CA. After studying post-production at CSU Long Beach, I graduated in 2022 and have been actively gaining experience as a post-production assistant. My ultimate goal is to work on a wide range of projects, including feature films, short films, and TV shows, about diverse themes and backgrounds such mine.

Nestor Luansing

I am a Los Angeles native who has always had a passion for post production and the way to reaching his career goal.


Nicole Goins

My name is Nicole, I'm a junior video editor who is eager to learn more about the industry, gain more opportunities to network and advance my skills.

Qudratullah Rajavi

My name is Qudratullah Rajavi and I am an LA based assistant editor. I have previously worked as post production assistant and director's personal assistant in Showtime's Goliath and HBO's BS High respectively, and I had the chance to contribute to great edit teams and learn from editors. I am a Hazara, an ethnic group in Afghanistan who suffered centuries of persecution, discrimination and genocidal violence, and I want to become a great filmmaker to tell the story of my people to bring about a change. On personal level, I am a fun dad, and a hiker and biker and I try to improve my dancing skills to save face in social events


Rhian Advincula

Rhian Advincula is an aspiring assistant editor in Los Angeles and got her start in the industry with VFX. Working in the post-production department since high school, Rhian has edited many genres and is currently focused on unscripted and scripted. She hopes to one day combine her love of Filipino cultural dance with film to create a children's animation that spotlights the kinship of the Filipino-American community.

Savraj Banga

A LA based filmmaker and video editor with a passion for telling stories through the power of visual media. As a filmmaker, I strive to create powerful and emotionally resonant stories that connect with audiences and leave a lasting impact.


Steve Miranda

I grew up in a diverse household that blended Mexican and Chinese culture. I fell in love with film-making and have worked on many different productions. I've been trying out different experiences in order to finally see where I belong in the industry. I'm always actively researching and believe one should never stop learning.

Temi Olutunmbi

Temi Olutunmbi is an award winning filmmaker and editor. As an editor he cut independent shorts as well as branded content for Comedy Central and NowThis. His filmmaking includes music videos and short films that have played festivals such as BlackStar Film Festival. His interests include all things sci-fi and tacos.

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