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Alejandro Solis

Currently a post coordinator with experience in music videos and commercials. Looking forward to learning more technical skills as an AE and becoming an editor.

Alyssa Bai

Alyssa Bai is a filmmaker and graduate of DePaul University where she received her BFA in Film and Television, with a Documentary Concentration. Over the years, she’s accumulated post-production experience in short films, promotional videos, commercials, and entertainment marketing. Through her edits, she loves to explore the complexities and nuances of the human condition. She’s especially passionate about increasing the visibility of underrepresented communities and showcasing their stories.


Aundrez Gonzalez

Hello I'm Aundrez (Pronounced: on-Drez) a 25 year old Mexican/Guatemalan born in Chicago, and  raised in Los Angeles, by my parents alongside with 4 other siblings. In High School I broke my ankle and became Fixated with Film/Television not because of the glitz and glamour of it all but because of Skateboarding; Specifically Spike Jonze due to him being able to cross over both worlds at a High caliber. That led me to shooting and editing Projects for my school and eventually LAUSD (the 2nd largest District in the country), until I graduated. although none of the projects were major productions this feels like my biggest achievement in editorial thus far. I know this program will help me advance to the places I want to be, where someday I can become someones Spike Jonze.

Denzel Averhart

Denzel Averhart, a Chicago-born cinematographer and editor, has made significant contributions to digital media, particularly for DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and various local entities, showcasing his work across major social media platforms and his website. Recently, he relocated to California to enhance his skills, aiming to blend the west coast filmmaking style with his craft. Beyond his online achievements, Denzel has served as a consultant for small organizations looking to improve their digital and video presence, underscoring his commitment to leveraging social media for lasting change and his aspiration to excel.


Eli Ramirez

My name is Elijah Ramirez, I'm from the San Fernando Valley and I'm a huge Sci-fi fan and LEGO enthusiast. I found my love for Post Production while attending the Television Production program at CSUN, and have been in the pursuit to master my craft since graduation. My goal is to become a well known and accomplished Narrative Editor.

Hari Iyer

My name is Hari Iyer and I am an aspiring Director/Editor. I have worked on many professional film and music video sets while also in the midst of creating and editing my own feature film which hopefully will come out later this year.


Jerrell Simpson

I am Dailies Operator who thrives on challenging projects that require creativity and dedication. I am looking to gain a new skill in learning the Assistant Editor

Kolby Jameison

My name is Kolby, I've been an AE for about 2 years. An achievement I've had is working on over 75 videos with BuzzFeed. Another accomplishments I'm most proud of are the documentaries I was able to work on in the last year. I'm particularly interested in documentaries and telling real stories so I hope to explore that more!


Richard Lee

Richard King Lee is an video editor, animator, and comedy writer who started in 2D animation but fell in love with the whole process. With a passion of storytelling in all its forms, hes spent the last 5 years animating and editing freelance and in various production houses in Seattle, before recently moving to LA to work in narrative. He's won "audience favorite" and place in the top three for several films he's written and edited for the 48 hour film festival in Seattle.

Sofia Anguita

My name is Sofia and I am a recent graduate from California State University Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in Television, Film, and Media Studies. I have gained a lot of post production experience while working at a trailer house and looking to keep learning! When I'm not watching my favorite films, you can find me playing Animal Crossing, reading up on art history, or taking on small painting projects of my own.

Warren Jones_edited.jpg

Warren Jones II

I’m an AE/editor from the DC suburbs, and attended the University of Pennsylvania for Cinema Studies. I moved to L.A. to pursue a career crafting stories, and in my time here I’ve been privileged to cut pieces for Warner Bros., Amazon, Netflix, and more. Whether organizing/managing footage or cutting myself, I strive to entertain audiences as well as fulfilling the collective narrative goal of my fellow creators. I have experience from many different aspects of the pre- and post-production process and am always excited to bring that experience to an edit.

Yu Yang

A dedicated editor/assistant editor who finds fulfillment and inspiration in the people-oriented film and video production. Having escaped persecution from a communist country, I have witnessed the harsh realities of the human condition. These experiences have fueled my commitment to storytelling, as I believe in the transformative power of narratives to shed light on the diverse facets of the human experience. Beyond the editing suite, I dream of contributing my own narrative to the rich tapestry of cinematic storytelling, inspired by the pioneers before me and fueled by a passion for crafting compelling stories.

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