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Jhayla Mosley

Since the age of twelve, Jhayla Mosley has been driven by her ambitions to become a television producer and filmmaker. Prior to relocating to LA, Jhayla graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy and was a Division 1 athlete in track and field. Down the line, Jhayla envisions herself becoming a part of the PGA and contributing to life-changing stories that leave a mark on the industry. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the outdoors, visiting speakeasies, and traveling.

Kimberly Alsup

Kimberly Alsup is a Detroit native who resides in Los Angeles. She holds two degrees, a Bachelors and Masters Degree. Kimberly has held several jobs in the industry from set PA to Post Coordinator. She has an eye for details and excels when it comes to spreadsheets, organization and coordination.


Louie Martinez

Louie Martinez is a dynamic producer with a background in social work, driven by a passion for impactful storytelling. With notable contributions to projects like 'Money Moves' and 'Rebuilding Black Wall Street,' Louie possesses a keen eye for detail and proficiency in editing, having curated episodes for 'Money Moves' to enhance audience engagement. Transitioning from social work to entertainment, Louie's journey embodies a commitment to amplifying diverse narratives. With aspirations to collaborate with industry giants like Disney, Paramount, Dreamworks, Louie is dedicated to advancing latino representation in media.

Sultan Ali Jr.

 In 2022 I was a chosen finalist for a Red Bull x Ghetto Film School film fellowship. I spent most of the year directing a powerful short narrative film that celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop.  An experience that empowers me to this day. I currently have over four film festival selections.

Thomas Smith.jpeg

Thomas Smith

 I am a seasoned freelancer who has worked in various production roles, both on-set and in office. I have a passion for storytelling and I aspire to create a production company geared to creatives with unique visions.

Tremaine Taylor-Tillery

Tremaine, an aspiring Line Producer, is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion both on and off the screen. While her professional experience lies in unscripted content, she passionately explores narratives in her free time. Notably, she has collaborated on projects featuring members of the trans, queer, and deaf communities. Tremaine values collaborative efforts in the artistic process and seeks to expand her knowledge across all facets of filmmaking. She believes that comprehensive understanding of the craft can cultivate a more empathetic and compassionate industry environment

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