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Abisola Akinsete

Abe Akinsete was born and raised on the Southern coast of Nigeria where he spent most of his time reading encyclopedias, watching crime reenactment TV shows, and not talking to anyone his own age. He studied Linguistics and Film as an undergrad at Boston University. The former was because of a book he read about lexicographers (the folks who write dictionaries), and the latter because he was a dozen or so credits short of graduating.Since graduating from BU’s film program, he’s written two features and several pilots. Two of these had modest success in initiative programs, making the second round and longlist of the Black Boy/Black Girl Writes Mentorship Initiative and the Blacklist x GM Writer Driven Shorts Initiative respectively.

Atia Outar

I pursued an education in audio production to understand the science of sound from an artist's perspective. my goal is to take that knowledge and apply it to my future creative projects.


Daniyar Zhumanazar

In my 8 year career, I served as a Sound Engineer for a range of feature films, short
films, TV shows and podcasts, including state-owned television productions, ensuring
highest audio quality during the on-set recording and post-production processes.

Irene Kim

I am a student who is thrilled to learn more about audio and sound. Through this training program, I hope to gain valuable audio production skills to pursue future opportunities.


Matthew Jose Perez

I’m currently tying to make the best of any situation I’m in. I think everyone should try and do the same

Tuan Nguyen

My name is Tuan Nguyen and I'm a freelance filmmaker. Growing up I loved hearing and watching how different stories unfolded and in turn fell in love with the filmmaking process.

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